Payments Solutions

designed to save you time and money on your currency transfers

Market Orders

Let us know your desired rate and we will monitor the markets for you giving you more time to continue with other areas of your business.

We can either notify you when your desired rate can be achieved or automatically execute trades when your target rate has hit.

We can also set stop losses to mitigate your risk to adverse currency fluctuations.

Spot Trades

Take advantage of the live rate and enjoy same day settlements through our faster payments.

Set a value date of up to two weeks to take advantage of short term fluctuations in the rate.

This means you can take advantage of a preferential rate that day and not have to send the funds to us until your chosen value date.

Forward Contracts

Secure preferential rates for future settlement. The currency markets can be extremely volatile and forward contracts are used to eliminate the risk of currency fluctuations.

If you have specific costing levels or rates, we can fix the rate for a set period of time to ensure that your profits are never effected by currency fluctuations. You can drawdown from your forward contract as many times as you like between the start date and the settlement date with no additional cost.

Enjoy peace of mind with our regular payments service. If you send payments on specific dates each month we can fix the rate for you and set up regular payments to automatically send your payments on your specified dates, all at your agreed rate.

For forward contracts and regular payments, we can fix the rate for up to 2 years and we won’t charge you any payment fees.

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