International Payments

Send payments all over the world quickly and securely

Save time and money on your International Payments

We connect you with payment providers all over the world to help you pay your suppliers, employees and business costs in the currencies and countries you need.
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Benefits at a glance

Great exchange rates

Our transparent pricing is based on your annual FX exposure to ensure you always achieve the most competitive exchange rates when converting your funds.

No Payments Fees

Store beneficiary details and send payments to multiple beneficiaries at no extra cost. Make and receive payments locally in over 25 currencies to make it cheaper for you and your clients.

Fast & secure payments

All payments are sent via the SWIFT network. Most currencies will credit your beneficiary’s account within minutes. We work with Faster payments in the UK to instantly credit sterling funds sent to your account.

Real-Time Tracking

See the status of your payments in real-time. We use SWIFT GPI to track the status of SWIFT Payments. You will receive Instant payment confirmations when your payments are sent, which can also be sent directly to your beneficiaries.

Bank Details Validation

Prevent delays and mistakes with our bank details validation technology. Our platform will not allow you to input invalid payment details when setting up new beneficiaries.

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