Mass Payments Solution

Bulk Upload Capabilities

Take the stress out of your cross borders payments

Whether you need to set up salary payments in different currencies or pay multiple suppliers worldwide, the bulk upload functionality can automate that for you.
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Benefits at a glance

Real-Time Tracking

We use SWIFT GPI to track any of your payments in real-time

Custom Access

Multi-Level authorisation to create different access for users

Save Time

Payments are created automatically, saving hours on adding manually.

Reduce Costs

No transfer fees and local payments to reduce payment fees

How it works

  • 01.
    Set Up

    Upload one file to set up multiple payments in multiple currencies.

  • 02.
    Book Trades

    The system will use balances on account and automatically book trades to provide funds for the payments created

  • 03.
    Top Up

    Top up any funds required and the system will automatically send the payments set up.

  • 04.
    Get Paid

    Instant payments confirmations will be sent and can be automatically sent to your beneficiaries.

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