Risk Management

Protect your business from market fluctuations

Every business faces different challenges

We help protect our clients from market fluctuations with our risk management solutions. We will work with you to understand the areas of concern and help you find the right solution to mitigate your risk.
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How we can help

Dedicated Account Manager

Who will help implement your hedging strategy and provide ongoing support to ensure the solution is still meeting your needs.

Protect Your profit Margins

Our solutions are designed to help protect your bottom line figures by mitigating the risk of currency fluctuations.

Clear Forecasting

Forecast with confidence knowing that your business is protected from market volatility. Achieve clear budgeting for your growth plans.

“Hedging Tools”

Secure preferential rates for future settlement. The currency markets can be extremely volatile and forward contracts are used to eliminate the risk of currency fluctuations.

Forward Contracts

Flexible options for your forward contracts allow you to drawdown anytime before the fixed date. Fix the rates for up to 5 years, giving you long term planning capability.

Margin Credit Facilities

Improve cashflow by reducing the upfront margin requirements for your forward contracts. Flexible margin credit facilities to help clients hedge up to 5 years. Subject to company financials, margin credit facilities can reduce or replace the need for initial and/or variation margin for your forward contracts.

Market Orders

Let us know your desired rate and we will monitor the markets for you giving you more time to continue with other areas of your business.We can either notify you when your desired rate can be achieved or automatically execute trades when your target rate has hit. We can also set stop losses to mitigate your risk to adverse currency fluctuations.

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